The Construction of Entoto Observatory in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) is building an observatory called Entoto Observatory in Mount Entoto (at altitude of ~3100m) very close to the capital, Addis Ababa. The observatory will have two 1m alt-az Cassegrain-Nasmyth telescopes with instruments ranging from high resolution spectrograph to adaptive optics Tilt/Tip and high speed cameras. The observatory has full facility on its site including hostels, conference facilities, a computer center, a library as well as offices. The observatory is expected to start operation in the second half of 2013. Once the construction is completed, Entoto Observatory will be the only modern astronomical observatory not only in the history of Ethiopia but in the entire region. The observatory is also undergoing extensive site testing projects in the norther part of Ethiopia in order to put a bigger size research class telescope in the near future.

The model of the 1m alt-az telescope which Entoto Observatory will operate soon.

The observatory is expected to contribute very much towards the development of astronomy by creating opportunities both for student training in observational astronomy as well as for cutting edge astronomy research not only in Ethiopia but also in the region.


The president of the East African Astronomical Society Prof. Paul Baki (right) visiting the construction of Entoto Observatory.